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The Basic Leadership Inventory

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Do you ever wonder how it’s going to be possible to get it all done? You could be contemplating next year’s initiatives, a new budget, a new job, promotion, or expanded responsibilities at work. How do you take what is already in motion, add new initiatives, and continue to stay focused while balancing self, home, and work.

I remember vividly in 2005 when I was recruited to lead the Imaging Division of a large physician group practice. At that point in my career, I was ready for a broader challenge, having learned how to successfully run a for-profit healthcare business, I longed to make a difference in the delivery of care at its roots. At first, it was a bit daunting to balance the needs of my children at home and learn a new complex culture, processes, and personalities in this expanded leadership role. I felt an initial sense of being overwhelmed as there was so much to assimilate. I found my calendar was slipping away from my control. During these changes, I was learning how to be a leader this organization needed, and it internally felt like a sprint for what should have been a marathon.

It was then that I developed a system of thinking which was organized, logical, and easy on my brain. This system allowed me the creative freedom to develop key actions to put new strategies and structures in place. I call it the “Leadership Inventory” model and I’d like to share it with those who are interested in it’s application. The framework of this system is aligned with lean leadership and provides a visual on your current and future state. The model articulates the building blocks to understand your methods to prioritize the most important activities.

I realize that there are plenty of instructional videos, memes, and checklists on social media to help you navigate a new year, job or promotion however, I haven’t found one that provides a framework on how to either get started, or inventory where you are in your leadership system and how to prioritize your important activities.

The framework for the model is attached, click on the link called “The Basic Leadership Inventory”. The details behind the framework is really where the work begins so message me here or at if you’d like support on how to apply this model to your life, workplace, or team. If you find this helpful feel free to repost.



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