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Spinning Plates

Multiple plates on sticks spinning

I remember realizing at one point early in my career that I had many spinning “plates” in the air and was joyful and proud of the fact that I was organized, available, and capable of delivering on key priorities. Then, as I promoted through the years there came a day when the number, pace and impact of spinning plates increased, and my role had changed. I was now a leader over many people and areas of work, and the plates ruled my life, and the exhaustion was affecting my health, family, and sense of joy. I was trying to use the same skills that it took to lead a small to medium size team to a significantly larger role and organization and doing whatever I could to ‘tread water’.

I did know that being a leader of change with great people doing incredibly meaningful work was what I wanted but only second to my core family and sense of well-being.

Something had to change!

It’s at this point when I started to develop a new way of thinking about my personal goals, system to get work done, communication effectiveness (or not), EQ behaviors, and personal visual management system. The epiphany came when I developed a design based on a set of cues to show me if I was on or off-track while overseeing thousands of employees, multiple direct reports within a significant financial portfolio, and to know at a moment’s glance what I could start/stop doing, prioritize and enhance. This system worked for my different teams from front line supervisors to senior leaders. I incorporated parts of this in multiple settings. I would like to offer this framework resource to you. This resource, like most everything else on social media, may require some explanation and initial support to develop for your custom needs.

View the document on the main page of my GLI website resource tab “Leadership Inventory Model” For any questions, message me at

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