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Professional Coaching


Individual Coaching Programs

Individual coaching programs begin with an introductory telephone conversation that provides the client an opportunity to ask questions and helps us understand their desired outcomes. The next step would be a 90-minute in-depth intake session to get to know the client, their key issues and challenges at work. GLI will then design a coaching program addressing those specific issues discussed.  The program will address key attitudes, behaviors, and perspectives that may limit effectiveness, and prevent the client from the level of success they desire. 

Coaching programs, for individuals or teams, are designed to achieve:

  • Self-observation, awareness, reflection, and shifts in behavior.  Clients gain new perspectives and insights into how their reactions and responses affect themselves and others.

  • The capacity to remain present, resilient, and open in each situation, observing discrepancies between what was intended and the actual outcome, and taking action to bridge the gap.

  • Practicing new behaviors and learning new skills with the intention of developing competence in areas that improve themselves and achieve personal and organizational desired results.

Team Facilitation & Coaching

Team Facilitation and Coaching

Team based coaching is grounded in the belief that coaching is not just for individuals, but for those teams you support and lead. The greatest performance in professional sports never comes from the individual, but rather the entire team supporting each other. In our experience we have seen that even the most average management team, led by a strong belief system, and performance based skills, can out-perform expectations year over year, consistently and reliably.  


At GLI, facilitate and coach teams tailored to your organization's unique challenges and needs. Whether you are a small start-up, a mid-sized company, or large enterprise, our coaching approach guides participants through awareness programs, experiential communication, and off-site interactive leadership exercises. All of these programs are designed to build a common language, and a supportive environment for collaboration, in order for your team to create desired results and goals.


Team coaching programs focus on assisting teams to solve their current behavioral and communication challenges, as well as helping them to become more effective in addressing issues and situations more collaboratively. Team coaching programs may be a one-day event or a multiple day event based on the client’s goals.


Key Goals for the Program:

  • Assess, coach, and enable the foundational skills and behaviors of each participant to realize their potential as a new, promising and emerging leader.

  • Provide participants with customized leadership skills to become who they were meant to be in the organization, inspire creativity for problem solving, and improved communication and interdependency.

  • Deliver on the organization’s commitment to invest in its people with real-life skills.

  • Make all improvements and changes sustainable long term.


Through our website various resources related to team-based coaching, team dynamics, communication strategies, conflict resolution and goal setting are available.  We also offer information for Executives to lead through organizational culture change initiatives.  

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