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About Us

Hello, I'm  Joan

Guided Leadership Insights, LLC, a California based consulting firm specializes in leadership development primarily in the healthcare industry.  Our expertise is in creating strong leaders and teams with over 38 years of experience in the hospital, ancillary, ambulatory, and for-profit settings, as well as a history of roles in marketing and business development. 

I was a senior healthcare leader for The Permanente Medical Group within Kaiser, Northern California and Alliance Healthcare. During COVID, I worked for the Public Health Institute as a consultant.

My most recent experience has powerfully supported the success and growth within northern California's largest physician practice organization by developing a leadership and succession program as well as results that have been sustained over time. 

I leveraged my education in organizational systems coaching, somatic practices, team coaching, lean performance improvement leadership methods, and am currently acquiring my Master Practitioner Certification in Neuro Linguistic Program coaching. I am currently certified at the Neuroleadership Institute on Brain Based Coaching.

Our vision is to reduce the level of anxiety, frustration, or apathy in professional arenas by developing awareness in leaders to understand their impact on the organization, their peers, and direct reports. In leadership settings often times there exists a lack of clarity, unspoken expectations, and teams are pulled in multiple directions over critical deliverables and priorities. We want to assist leaders to find meaning, balance and purpose in their chosen profession.


When not working, I am an avid endurance cyclist, world traveler and animal lover. As a proud mother of four grown adults, I now have a sense of humor and general unbridled optimism for what is possible for these next generations.

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