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Performance Consulting

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GLI Pioneers the “Dynamic Leadership Inventory Model"

When behaviors and structure you have in place support meeting your desired goals! 

No person is an island.  We are all part of complex systems, teams, families, partnerships, communities and businesses.  We can make great strides with one leader then find that, like crabs in a bucket, the culture pulls them back into the already existing structure.  Each individual may find it difficult to have an impact on the overall goals or system because the habits and behaviors among many cannot shift with one individual alone.  GLI coaches the “system” or “relationship” as an entity in of itself functioning with behaviors, expectations, norms, unspoken agreements and perspectives.  Each of these systems are created by several leaders and employees within the entity.  

Research has indicated that Emotional and Social intelligence is a critical component of career success (Goldman, Emotional Intelligence, 2006).  We also know that these skills alone cannot drive performance of Key Indicators at work, we must incorporate the system or structures to achieve results. 


GLI has pioneered a new concept, the first in the country, that integrates leadership behaviors, our structure or systems of communication and key performance indicators together in such a way that makes it simple, clear and actionable to engage the right people, at the right time to achieve the results you want most. 

What is performance coaching vs. consulting?

GLI defines performance consulting as any of the following options:

  • Filling a temporary gap in a leadership support at the Director level of above.

  • Providing direct support to increase business marketshare and referrals.

  • Providing an assessment and recommendations of organization structure, systems and behaviors that contribute to the success of your key performance indicators.

  • Teaching and training focused leadership concepts and structures.

GLI defines performance coaching as any of these following options:

  • Providing an assessment and recommendation for improving organizational culture, behaviors and norms that drive results.

  • Partnering with you to enhance the capacity of the leaders within your organization’s structure.

  • Providing leadership and performance coaching to executive teams and individuals. 

  • Teaching and training focused leadership behaviors that support achieving results.  

  • Partnering to develop a virtuous learning environment.  


Ready to Elevate Your Performance?

Take the first step toward a brighter future. Whether you're an individual seeking personal growth or an organization aiming for unparalleled success, Guided Leadership is here to partner with you.

Transformative Coaching for Lasting Results.

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