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Welcome to Guided Leadership Blog! This is your go-to destination for engaging content that doesn’t just feel like a hack of some 10 more things to do. It’s one thing to “talk” about knowing what to do, another completely different thing to figure out how to translate this talk into your current situation, your current dynamics, and challenges. This is where we help each other figure it out.

Whether you’re a seasoned leader or just starting to learn management skills, we welcome you to share your thinking and we cater to all levels of interest and expertise. Often as “senior” leaders, we turn off our “learning sponge”, or when we’re young “new” leaders, we protect our “proving armor” thinking we are adding value. Both of these blind spots get in our way of seeing the entire 360-degree perspective for any topic!

What sets this blog site apart, or my leadership of it rather, is that I am committed to having open inclusive dialogue that is helpful to one another. This is more than just a collection of articles but a vibrant community of leaders who share a passion for healthcare and developing skills and behaviors to make a difference in the community!

Feel free to make a home here, and don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter available starting January 2024. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey of discovery and growth!

Happy reading!

The Guided Leadership News Team

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