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When was the last time you couldn't wait to go to work? 

Let's unleash your greatest potential, and create the habits to make it stick

Life and Career Transformation

aligning purpose, process, and results

Welcome to Guided Leadership Insights!  We believe that you are the lifeblood of your organization and when you lead passionately and effectively, you can achieve impressive results.   However, we often face challenges that hinder performance and limit potential.  

I have benefited from coaching feedback early in my leadership career. Because of this, I became immediately motivated to learn and implement many concepts and new ways of being as a leader. These changes positively affected all of my relationships, most of all, how much more joy and balance I felt in my life, work and home.


With over 30 years of experience in senior leadership, I have established a system for guiding and leading transformational changes with people, organizations and teams. I have been trained in Neuroleadership, Somatic, Neurolinguistic and Organizational Systems coaching approaches.

Often we get to a point where we need a sounding board, new skills, greater capacity and impact, or have just become stuck in a rut.  Let's develop what you are capable of, and enhance the skills, tools and habits to support those capabilities and your next steps.

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Professional Coaching

coaching you to develop your own answers

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Coaching programs are focused on the development of clients as individuals and leaders.  We know that everyone brings their backgrounds, experiences, beliefs, and values to their roles, and in doing so, also bring unhelpful behaviors and tactics that may not serve them.  Our programs focus on the behaviors, goals and structure of leadership.


Our coaching style is open, with a focus on how your areas of strength can also build capacity to shift your awareness to challenges in your current life and professional situation.  You will be stretched to develop positive, long-term change through building key behavior and skill capacities.

Kind Feedback

what our clients have to say

Working with Joan and the Guided Leadership team has been empowering and energizing (my burnout has reduced) and affirmed that I have untapped abilities to use in my job, and that to realize them I have to practice the guidance you have given me and that I have learned from the books and exercises. I am loving my job more, and reminded of why I took it in the first place—to plan projects and publication schedules; compose a weekly newsletter; edit and write highly specialized medical content; support, lead, and develop a Team and contribute to cross-departmental goals as a manager and leader, and interact with publishing professional colleagues who are a unique tribe of knowledge seekers and disseminators producing and delivering high-quality content consistently and on schedule.

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Meet Coach Joan

creating strong leaders & teams

Joan Beltran-Franey is President and CEO of Guided Leadership Insights, LLC, a California based consulting firm specializing in Leadership Development primarily in the Healthcare Industry.  Joan has acquired specialized expertise in creating strong leaders and teams with over 30 years in the hospital, ancillary, ambulatory and for-profit venture settings as well as a history of roles in marketing and business development. 

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