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Who Is Listening?

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Woman with megaphone speaking to a crowd

There are so many articles about "Finding your Voice, Stand Up and Speak, Take the Platform" and they are all appropriate at times in your life when you need encouragement or a nudge.

By comparison, there is a small amount of literature around listening, yet it's one of the most powerful tools for connection, understanding, and performance that we can leverage. Deep listening allows us to see the full potential in a person or group. Have you tried this? What thoughts are going through your mind when you are listening? Do you find you're impatient while the person is talking?

Practice listening to others and notice what you find yourself thinking while listening to them. Then ask them to tell you about something else they are interested in and listen as if you were listening to your grandson, niece or like a brand new love interest who is bounding about in life learning, growing and sharing. You may notice that your underlying perspective is that this person has all the resources, capacity and ability to grow, solve their own problems and figure out solutions, that listening and that often times validating their experience is a bigger gift than your expert advice. Try it again with that perspective, now what did you hear?

Finally, ask the person in front of you if they felt truly heard and connected. It constantly amazes me when I find that I am deeply listening to others, that this is a gift.

Listening is one of the core skills we teach at GLI. Listening to yourself, to others and the capacity to respond with a deeper sense of clarity and understanding.

Reach me to set up an introductory call and to answer any questions you may have!

Joan Beltran-Franey

510-851-5766 (cell)

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